The Prodigal Son, Giorgio de Chirico – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The Prodigal Offspring – Giorgio de Chirico. 1922. Oil on canvas. 87 x 59 cm
A special reality consisting of objects of various shapes and textures producing memories of confusion (and one can feel its harmony and harmony) against the backdrop of desert landscapes, creating a new metaphysical world, oscillating on the verge of surrealism and surrealism – all this is about Giorgio de Chirico’s painting overall, and about his painting “The Prodigal Son” namely.

The famous biblical parable was embodied by a whole cohort of majestic painters, each at one time – Bosch, Dürer, Rembrandt, Tissot, Polenov, etc. All this work is close to reality, nagging, where repentance and talent, as a blessing, are the main leitmotifs.

The picture of de Chirico belongs to the decadent period of creativity, and at first glance everything is wrong here. However, if you look closely through the peculiar presentation of the material, you can catch a familiar story that is read in the drooping head of his son and open arms of his father. Destroying the logic of reality, Chiriko leaves us only hints. But in an amazing way, these hints are enough, and the peculiar implementation of the plot is very emotional for the viewer. This was the phenomenon of the artist’s creativity, which once excited all the foundations of fine art."

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