Landscape with peacocks, Paul Gauguin – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Landscape with peacocks – Paul Gauguin. 1892. Oil on canvas. 115 x 86 cm
“Landscape with Peacocks”, written in 1892, was an iconic painting for Gauguin. The main feature of the work will be that here you can clearly see new features of the style, which will then become one of the defining ones.

In Tahiti, Gauguin plunged into a riot of exotic colors, which allowed to give his work a different cut. The first landscapes of Gauguin is an attempt to learn to portray a new world for himself, and one of the peaks of such trainings here is “Landscape with Peacocks”. Unlike other works of this genre, the painter created a more complex composition, with depth and versatility of texture.

All the elements are no longer devoid of statics, but, on the contrary, are subject to a special measured rhythm – both peacocks gently pacing, and a man who has brought his ax over a dry tree trunk, and are gradually moving deeper into the paintings of women.

The author himself called the picture MATAMOE (paradoxically), which means “Death” in translation."

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