On the Terrace or Two Sisters, Renoir, 1881

Description of the picture:

On the terrace – Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 1881. Oil on canvas. 100,5×81
By color saturation – this is one of the most striking paintings of the master. It is clear that the first title of the picture "Sisters", but in fact the heroines of the work were not even relatives.

The summer terrace of the restaurant in the center of Paris looks like a completely rustic corner. The warmth and simplicity of the mood of the picture are made by a wicker with needlework and balls of multi-colored wool. Poses of 2 models are ordinary and natural. The youngest is sincerely interested in the artist, because her gaze is directed directly to the public. The older model is somewhat embarrassed by the situation. However, she feels quite confidently (it is known that the actress posed for the master).

The master managed to create an invisible connection between his models: paints, colors of hats, blush, etc. have something in common. The amazing Renoir faces in this work were most expressive.

The bright red headdress of the heroine, as well as several of the same accents in detail, create dynamism and energy throughout the plot. The use of spectrally pure colors is a favorite technique of the impressionists. In this work, it reveals all its advantages, creating a positive and open atmosphere.

A sketchy, blurry background – a river with boats resting, enlivens the work, giving it dynamism and lightness.

The dark blue dress of the elder heroine favorably sets off the tenderness and whiteness of the skin.

The viewer very clearly feels the warmth of this summer day, its beauty and elegance. The author accurately and with outstanding skill conveys the second impression of the scene seen. A bright and outstanding representative of impressionism, the author made his work translucent, unusually light. The viewer has the impression that the light comes from within the work itself."

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