The bridge of Bualdieu in Rouen. Sunset. The Fog, Camille Pissarro, 1896

Description of the picture:

The bridge of Bualdieu in Rouen. Sunset. Fog – Camille Pissarro. 1896.54×65

Since 1889, Camille Pissarro, suffering from acquired eye inflammation, stops working in the open air. He is obliged to write now in enclosed spaces, watching life from a window. Fortunately, thanks to the money earned from the last paintings, the painter can travel and bring some variety into the subject of his paintings in this way. Looking at boulevards, alleys, squares, ports and cathedrals from the windows of hotel rooms, Pissarro paints city landscapes that have become typical of the last ten years of his work.

Pissarro first visited Rouen in the autumn of 1883. The city shocked his imagination so much that in a fit of admiration, he even compared it to Venice, which, however, he had never been to. Now, after thirteen years, the artist comes to Rouen twice: first and at the end of 1896. From the windows of the hotel in which he lives, overlooks the Seine, promenades, port and the main bridges of the city. Pissarro creates a series of city landscapes, paying particular attention to scenes from the life of the port, which the artist was fascinated with at first sight.

Performance technique paintings "Bridge in Boisoldier" typical of impressionism: it is far from either pointillism or the technique characteristic of the sixties. Wide, smooth strokes, a light palette consisting entirely of "living" colors, help the artist create the effect of the play of light on the surface of the water."

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