Painting Flora, Titian Vecellio

Description of the picture:

Flora – Titian Vecellio. Around 1515-1517. Canvas, oil. 79.7×63.5
The one who is depicted in the presented painting by Titian (1488 / 1490-1576), the Venetian artist of the Highest Renaissance, has been arguing for a long time. At one time it was believed that this daughter of the artist Palm Elder, he was credited with the work itself, later, when it was again recognized as the work of Titian, the debate about the heroine of the picture continued. On the idea of ​​identifying the captured lady with flora, Roman goddess of flowers, pointing a bouquet in her hand. And the whole look of this young, flourishing, dreamy creature with her hair in a white shirt falling from the first shoulder is really associated with the ancient goddess.

At the same time, this is a portrait of a really living Venetian, with golden hair of the then fashion, hair and light velvety skin. It is possible that the young Titian painted it, fantasizing on the theme of antiquity, and it turned out to be a lively, full-blooded and at the same time elevated image above reality."

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