Dance at Bougival, Renoir, 1883

Description of the picture:

Dance in Bougival – Renoir. 1883. Oil on canvas. 181.9×98.1
An enthusiastic couple dancing in the Paris suburbs became the subject of the image. In an unusual way, having smeared the background image of the restaurant guests, the painter achieves the motion effect, a dance vortex, which is desirable for all impressionists.

The creator accurately conveys the inner state of a pair of dancers. An experienced womanizer confidently and passionately embraces the camp of a more experienced coquette. Worthy partners decorate the dance floor of a suburban restaurant with ostentatious passion and precise movements. The viewer is convinced that this is far from the first dance of this couple. Both play a certain game, the rules of which they understand in their own way.

The color scheme of the work is very accurately and correctly characterize the heroes. It is as if the feminine and masculine beginnings are intertwined into a single energy ball: red and pink contrast with blue and yellow, the blush on the faces of the partners gives the dance speed and dynamics. The whole picture is movement.

However, the master, as befits the impressionist, offers only a light sketch, leaving room for the imagination and insight of the viewer. The space in the work is organized only "framework", there is not even a shadow of that heavy reality, which is overloaded with pictures of the academic direction.

A sunny summer day perfectly complements the depicted scene.

Lightness, piquancy, movement are the main components of the atmosphere of this work. The viewer is conveyed the mood of the work, its positive charge and harmony.

It is known that the author chose people he knew well as models. That is why the picture is so reliable and convincing."

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