The Yellow Christ, Paul Gauguin – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The Yellow Christ – Paul Gauguin. 1889. Oil on canvas, 92.5 x 73 cm
Either the deepest philosophical and religious thinking, or a typical challenge to Christian society – the “Yellow Christ” of Gauguin to this day causes controversy.

The first thing that appears to the viewer is the incomparability of the plot elements, which leads him to an absurdity: the crucified thin figure of Christ, the traditional Breton landscape and peasant women who are peacefully located around the cross with absolutely calm and disinterested faces. The face of the crucified hero, full of suffering and the degree of torment that borders on indifference, does not cause any interest among those present.

In addition to the original plot, the picture also attracts with its coloristic solution. The main color leitmotif is yellow, with all this he dominates all work, not distracting with contrasts and dissonances. This color is full of internal contradictions – the solar color, which is usually interpreted as joyful, calm, pacified, was chosen by the artist to embody such an emotional and meaningful plot as the crucifixion of Christ.

A number of art historians believe that the painting is one of the forerunners of symbolism, and is an attempt by the master to pay attention to the religious problem – society does not remember the sacrifice that Christ made in his name."

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