Self Portrait, Paul Cezanne, 1875

Description of the picture:

Self Portrait – Paul Cezanne. 1875. Oil on canvas. 64×53
Self Portrait by Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) is filled with inner strength and drama. On the first plan are the artistic character and mental power of the painter. As if overcoming the resistance of materials, the painter sculpts a face shape with a convex forehead of the thinker resembling a dome. Flexible and plastic pasty strokes of his brush immediately create volume and outline space. The gaze of deep-set eyes is austere and sad. No details distract attention from the portrait. A person with his sculptural plasticity protrudes from the plane of the canvas. In this Self-Portrait, Cezanne demonstrates his commitment to “pure painting”, presents the audience with a personal philosophical concept of the indivisibility of the world and man."

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