Camera degli Dosi, Andrea Mantegna

Description of the picture:

Chamber degli Dosi – Andrea Mantegna. 1465-1474
The cycle of frescoes of Mantegna in the Palazzo Ducale is considered the pinnacle of creativity of the famous master of the Padua school of painting.
The camera of degli Dosi is translated as “The Hall of the bride and groom” – this is the name of the 17th-century art historian Rudolfi, believing that this room served as the bedroom for the Gonzaga couple, who ordered the painting by Andrea Mantegna. But now it is generally accepted that this room was intended for audiences, and not at all for sleep. Despite this, the story retained the wrong title proposed by the noble Rudolfi.

Customers wished that the artist depicted here the most significant milestones of their family, diluting with scenes from court life. It turned out a very magnificent multi-figured work of art that can be read like a book.

The central point in the work is the image of the scene of the arrival of Cardinal Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua and his meeting with his father Louis. The highest achievement of Mantegna is the wonderful transformation of the low ceiling of the room into a high dome, in accordance with the laws of perspective, which have just gained their application in painting."

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