The view from my window, Camille Pissarro, 1886

Description of the picture:

The view from my window is Camille Pissarro. 1886. 65×80

Picture "View from my window" It was presented at the Eighth, last exhibition of the Impressionists in 1886. Pissarro exhibited his painting in a separate room, next to the canvases of Sera and Signac, apparently wanting to emphasize by this that he completely relates his work to that new direction in painting, which is called neo-impressionism. Never again will a painter be so close to Sera’s painting and immediately so far from his own impressionistic style. In the picture, Pissarro’s rare ability to subconsciously feel nature is completely lost. The new technique used by the artist – divisionism – consists in the use of colors based on the laws of mutual complementation and contrast. Therefore, the texture of the picture is a small rounded brush strokes that create spots of different colors. "These spots, wrote critic Revald, correspond to various elements: light, shadow, individual colors, and the whole color scheme. Their connection occurs directly in front of the viewer"."

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