Outport in Le Havre. Promenade Su Amgon. A ship leaving the port – Pissarro, 1903

Description of the picture:

Outport in Le Havre. Promenade Su Amgon. The ship leaving the port is Pissarro. 1903. 56×66

In the summer of 1903, Pissarro, looking from the windows of the hotel at the port in Le Havre, makes a picture "Outport in Le Havre. Promenade Su Amgon. Ship leaving port", which is one of 18 paintings in the framework of one series. This series of paintings represented typical variants on the same topic: on each canvas we find port pieces – a pier, docks, embankments, ships and sailboats, port workers and ordinary passers-by. In each work, all this is captured in different ways: from a different angle, at different times of the day, with different lighting – but everywhere with enthusiasm! It is worth recalling that in the years 1860-1880, Claude Monet also admired the port and "the endless movement of ships".

Based on the convictions of the technology picture "Outport in Le Havre" differs from the rest of the paintings painted in Rouen in 1896, without looking at similar subjects. A dense texture, an opaque layer of paint and a large amount of white color – all this brings this picture closer to the latest Parisian landscapes of Pissarro. As usual, the artist seeks to convey natural harmony, and he is able to see it even in the most unexpected places – whether it is the busy streets of Rouen, the Parisian boulevard Montmartre in all its grandeur or nothing, it would seem, an unremarkable embankment in Le Havre. The manner of the artist in this period is more dependent on the sympathy of the author for a particular image, and not on the chosen topic."

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