Portrait of a Lady in a White Dress, Titian Vecellio

Description of the picture:

Portrait of a lady in a snow-white dress – Titian Vecellio. Around 1556. Oil on canvas. 102×86
Titian (1490-1576) painted a huge number of portraits of crowned persons. It is unrealistic to imagine Philip II, Francis I, or Pope Paul III other than the master portrayed them. In the 1560s, he began to write himself and his children.

It is believed that the model for this picture was the daughter of the artist, Lavinia, born after 1530. One cannot judge the portrait resemblance, because other images of Lavinia are unknown. As for her attire, one cannot but admire the picturesque craftsmanship with which Titian conveyed the beauty and richness of the silk of the dress. Obviously, the presented portrait was painted with extraordinary love.

Since the characteristic feature of the model’s appearance is not only White dress, but also a fan, the picture often appears with a title “Girl with a Fan”."

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