Cote de Beauf near Pontoise, Pissarro, 1877

Description of the picture:

Cote de Beauf near Pontoise – Camille Jacob Pissarro. 1877. Oil on canvas. 114.9×87.6

Camille Jacob Pissarro (1830-1903) – French painter, one of the first representatives of impressionism.

This picture shows the slope of the mound in the districts of the so-called Hermitage, which is adjacent to Pontoise. Pissarro lived in these places most of the time – from 1866 to 1883. Here he met and became close friends with P. Cezanne, having had a noticeable effect on him. Closer affairs developed with P. Gauguin, who for several years was his student.

The painter remarkably conveyed the melancholy mood of the ozari: the trees are already almost bare, the grass has faded, there are no signs of human activity. Summer has passed …

In the year of creation, the work was presented at an exhibition in Paris, which is now known as the Third Exhibition of the Impressionists. The painter was very proud of this work, and it remained in the possession of his family until 1913."

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