Painting The Uncertainty of the Poet, Giorgio de Chirico, 1913

Description of the picture:

The uncertainty of the poet is Giorgio de Chirico. 1913. 106х94
In the works of the period from the beginning of the 19th century, de Chirico quite often found images of bananas. The choice of these images is sexually motivated, although it can also be justified by memoirs on evening walks with Guillaume Apollinaire. On Parisian streets it was often possible to meet trays of banana sellers.

IN "The uncertainties of the poet" a bunch of bananas seems to come out of the womb or, on the contrary, approaches it. Throughout his creative life, de Chirico will use a combination of plant elements with antique sculpture. Here, we certainly can see the influence of the great Cezanne, both in comparing still life objects, and in the approach to their formal image, and even in experiments with perspective. Much later, in 1974, in a completely different technique, the master will create a work "Apollo and roses". Fruits and vegetables are depicted here in great detail, the landscape in the background can even be described as lyrical. The only thing that remains unchanged is the sensation of unsteadiness and unreality, passing through all of Chirico’s work."

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