Drinking with the saints. Altar of St. George in Ferrara, Cosimo Tours, 1474

Description of the picture:

Drinking with the saints. Altar of St. George in Ferrara – Cosimo Tour. 1474. Wood, tempera. 132×267
The painter of the Early Renaissance, Cosimo Tours (circa 1430-1495) was a court painter of the house of d’Este, Herceg of Ferrara.

Composition “Pieta with the Saints” is part of the altar of St. Jora in Ferrara. Pieta is the mourning of Christ who died on the cross. An obligatory participant in such compositions is the Mother of God. The lifeless body of the Offspring is stretched out on her knees, next to it are the figures of selected saints who empathize with Her grief. There is no place for beauty: the faces of all those present are distorted by sorrow and suffering, the face of Christ also bears the seal of the crucifixion. To convey the emotional state of the heroes, the artist uses the language of facial expressions and gestures, eloquently speaking about their experiences."

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