Purity of the imagination, Giorgio de Chirico, 1915

Description of the picture:

Purity of the imagination – Giorgio de Chirico. 1915.65×50
Working on "Purity of imagination"de Chirico keeps the same ratio of light and shadow, as in work "Tower". But it’s not the towers that draw attention anymore – the eye is attracted by a bright rectangle deep in the picture, brightly lit by the sun. Painting in the picture – the painter will still turn to this technique when writing the so-called metaphysical interiors.

Here geometric building blocks fill the space and seem to put pressure on the viewer. This sensation arises because the plane of the picture seems to be tilted. Continuing the search for style, de Chirico’s metaphysics finally comes close to an internal vision of reality, when objects turn into pure symbols. Such is his challenge – space and time freeze in the paintings: space closes within itself, and time narrows to its personal perception by the artist. Extreme clarity of form and darkness of meaning …"

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